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Brass Plate

Rs. 3,599.00
Set Of:

Made from Pure Brass, this is our own modern aesthetic take on the traditional Brass plate this season! Brass is also known as pital in India. There have been numerous mentions of Brass over the centuries, from ancient texts to Ayurvedic collections. This is perfect for any occasion with it super sleek design and a coconut tree emblem in the middle. Use it as a dining set of 6 or a single piece for decor. 

Style Tip : Style it with our Sandbar Table mat, Sisal Fibre mat, Long Island table runner for a beautiful bohemian coastal vibe!

Product Description :

  • Each Brass Plate comes with a katori/kinnam
  • Made of Pure Brass

Size : 

12 inch dia plate

Colour : 

Gold finish 

A faint change of colour over time is quite common and it only adds to the beauty of the piece

Note : 



Ships in 7-8 working days!

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