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Article: Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass

Get to know all about your Pampas grass

Dried flowers are one of the biggest interior trends of 2020. Among them, Pampas grass is the hottest décor trend this season. You can spot them in homes, weddings, bars; you name it!
These are low maintenance, high impact, glorious and fluffy stems. The versatility and longevity of these stems are one of the main reasons they’ve found a place in most of our homes.

Here are some FAQ’s on our Pampas Grass

- How long do they last?
Ideally, Pampas grass lasts for about 1.5 years.

- How to take care of them?
Once you receive them, give it a shake and fluff it up. This process involves shedding so don’t get scared! Once done, keep the pieces near sunlight for 48 hours and slowly wait for it to fluff up. When displaying your pampas in a
vase, try and keep it away from direct sunlight as it will reduce the life span of the product by making is very dry.

- Should you water pampas?
Not at all! These are dried and no water is needed. Therefore - low maintenance.

- How do I prevent excessive shedding?
Use a hair spray once the pieces are in fully fluffed up. These will reduce the amount of shedding the plumes have.

- How tall is the pampas?
We have 4 different sizes and types of Pampas available.

1. Fluffy pampas – Typically varies between 15 to 20 inches

2. Champagne White Pampas – Typically varies between 12 to 15 inches

3. Majestic White Pampas – Typically varies between 0.5 to 1 metre long

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