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Article: A beginners guide on how to take care of your dried flowers

A beginners guide on how to take care of your dried flowers

A beginners guide on how to take care of your dried flowers

Dried flowers are all natural and are easy to take care of. They last you for years to come or if you would like to say “they are frozen in time”. Here are a few beginner tips to help you take care of them. Also remember that these flowers are delicate and will change colour and look over time.

Dried flower care tips

1.You do not need to water them

Since they are dried, you don’t need to water them. Keep them away from moisture and avoid keeping them in bathrooms to prevent formation of moulds.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Over the course of time, dried flowers will start losing their original colour. If you keep them in the presence of direct sunlight, the process of discolouration will be faster. 

3. Be gentle

Since they are delicate, if you move them around there will be shedding in case of grasses like stargrass or dried blooms like daisies. Try and not move them around every day avoid the fall out. 

4. How to clean dried flowers?

For delicate products, just shake them or blow dry on low heat and low fan toto wither off the dust that has settled on them. For studier pieces, you can use a brush to clean the insides and ridges of the product. 

5. Add essential oils

If you like them scented, it is totally safe for you to add essentials oils to your dried flowers for a burst of good smell in your room. 

6. Keep out of reach of little people and fluffy things

They’re best kept out of reach of children and pets as they are not edible.

7. Lifespan of Dried Flowers 

The dried flowers usually last more than a year, it might differ from product to product as they are natural.


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