How to style my space with Dried flowers

How to style my space with Dried flowers

The dried flower trend is one I remember from my early childhood in the late 90’s. Dried flowers are long lasting, eco-friendly alternatives to fresh flowers. It is also a cost effective option that lasts you for months to come. You can pick and style dried flowers for every season depending on your mood.

Basic styling with Dried flowers

1. Pick your vase

If you have a vase you really love, choose a floral that is either going to accentuate it or really blend with it. You can also use old pots, jam jars, tins or even baskets and bowls - repurposing old items and making  them unique.

2. Flower styling

Once you’ve picked your vase then pick out your flowers or vice-versa. Ideally, your vase should be about 1/3 of the arrangement. So if you’ve got a 5” vase, your flowers must be around 12-15 inches tall.

3. Rule of 3

The rule of 3 states that objects arranged in odd numbers are more interesting and eye-catching than even-numbered groups. For a table set up, choose objects that are of varying heights. It creates a visual triangle so our eyes naturally have different places to look.