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Palm spear silver (set of 3)

Rs. 599.00

New in store! Our white palm spears are real leaves that dry out in the sun. These are then coloured in this silver wash gives us a sparkly feel. The dots you see on the item are sunspots. This is a normal part of this product. As they are a natural item, the spears are never uniform and none will ever be the same. You will see some that will have curves, spots and bent stems.

Product description:

  • Set of 3 silver palm spears
  • Colour - white
  • Size 30-40cm


It is a beautiful addition to your dining table, side table or any vase. With an approx length of 40 cm, this Bunch can be used on their own or put together with other Dried Flowers.


  • Please handle with care since these are fragile.
  • If used for an outdoor event, a sheltered spot is preferred. Please avoid getting our products wet where possible.
  • Clean your dried flowers at least twice a month using a small brush to remove the dust.

    Ships in 5 to 7 days !

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