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Preserved Hydrangea White

Rs. 1,999.00

A hydrangea that requires absolutely no water! These are preserved with special ingredients to make them last longer in your homes without having to buy fresh flowers every week!


  •  It comes as a set of 2-3 stems


  • Lavender
  • Depending on how each stem absorbs the color, the tones of our hydrangeas can differ

How long do they last?

  • These hydrangeas will last you for about a year


  • The hydrangeas are fragile as they are a preserved product. They require gentle separating to spread the flower head. It is natural to get shedding.
  • Do not put them in water
  • These are easily trimmed with scissors to fit any style or size of the vase. 


Our dried and preserved plants are real products, as in nature no two stems/flowers are alike and each have their own imperfections.   Therefore, sizes, shapes and colours may vary.  Dried real plants are delicate, there can be a little shedding during shipping.

Ships in 7-8 days :)

It takes 7-10 working days to deliver after dispatch.

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