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Om Tea light Holder (set of 2)

Rs. 1,700.00

Chanting Om calms your mind and helps you bring in positive energy into your body. Stress lies in your mind and chanting Om can release stress from your mind

Place a tea light candle in this holder and think of positive thoughts and attract positive energy. Use this as a tool to create a calm, serene atmosphere in any room. once you light the holder, its radiates a beautiful yellowish glow through the perforations!

Style Tip : Use it in any space from dining table, coffee table to your meditation room to create a positive aura. 

Product Description :

  • Sold as a set of 2 tea light holders
  • Made of Metal

Size : 

  • 3" x 3" x 4" inch

Colour : 

Black matte finish, inner lining is a gold finish.

Note : 


Comes in a beautiful Coastal Habitat Gift box.


Ships in 7-8 working days!

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